Thursday, May 31, 2012

Not Much Change

There's not a lot to report tonight, but things are improving. Her White Blood Count (WBC) went from .5 to 1.1. The higher WBC will mean that the mouth sores soon will evaporate quickly. They've started to heal, and the doctors expect them to improve rapidly.

Tammy is still feeling kind of puny, as she's still feeling the other effects of the chemo, such as nausea. When that flares up, she needs medicines that cause drowsiness.

So as we prepare for a potentially big weekend, we ask that you continue to pray. I think Tammy was a little discouraged today, because she really thought she'd feel a lot better by now. As I was getting ready to leave the hospital, she said, "I'm not sure I can do everything I need to to go home on Monday." I told her that would be okay. She shouldn't go home until she's ready, whenever that is.

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