Sunday, May 20, 2012

She "Went to Church"

Psalm 29:2
"Ascribe to the LORD the glory due his name; worship the LORD in the splendor of his holiness."

One of the parts of her faith that Tammy enjoys the most is attending worship. She enjoys worshiping with her family and friends, and today she got to do that. How, you ask?

Our friend, Marianne, brought her iPad to church this morning. She called Tammy on Facetime, an iPad application, then set up the iPad on the balcony bannister so Tammy could enjoy the whole service, including the message and all the songs. At the end of the service, the worship host, John, told everybody that Tammy was joining us, so we all turned around and said "Hi Tammy!" at the same time.

After the service was over, Marianne carried her iPad around with her so Tammy could talk to people and they could see how well she was doing. It was a blessing for Tammy to be able to join in, and I'm sure a blessing for others to be able to see her.

Tammy is resting most of the day today. It's part of the recovery process, but she's battling some queasiness. The medicine she's on to fight that makes her sleepy, so she's been asleep most of the afternoon. She did wake up long enough to talk to David Lee on Skype for about 20 minutes. You're not supposed to have favorite children, but David Lee is her favorite son, and one of her two favorites among all her kids. Talking with him always brightens her day.

There's nothing else new to report. The doctor continues to be pleased with her progress. He's still very encouraged with how she's responded to the treatment so far. We appreciate the continued prayers. Keep them coming.

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