Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Dealing with Pain

1 Chronicles 4:10
"Jabez cried out to the God of Israel, 'Oh, that you would bless me and enlarge my territory! Let your hand be with me, and keep me from harm so that I will be free from pain.' And God granted his request."

Many of you might recognize that verse. There was a very popular book that came out about 10-15 years ago called The Prayer of Jabez. It's a powerful prayer that pretty well sums up what we all should pray on a regular basis. It seems appropriate today.

Tammy is in pain today as a result of the chemo. It has created sores all over her mouth that make it very difficult for her to swallow or talk. She's on some pain medicines, but they only offer minimal relief.

Still, her strength continues to amaze me (I'm glad I'm on her side). In spite of the pain, and the subsequent weakness from the medicines, she just completed a lap around the BMT unit. I know if I were going through this, I'd be curled up in a ball, crying like a baby.

The doctor is not concerned about the sores. He says they're very common with the type of chemo she had and is having now. It's to prevent the Graft Vs. Host Disease, so it's very necessary. It's working well, but the side effects are tough. Please pray that the pain goes away quickly, and that she can get some rest. As you can imagine, it's tough for her to rest with the pain.

We have some more details on the fun run in Tammy's honor. Some of this is repeated from yesterday, but instead of trying to figure out what we already posted, I'm posting everything.

The run will be Saturday, June 16, beginning at 10 a.m. at Roe Park (Roe Ave., between 103rd and 435) in suburban KC. We're asking for a $50 entry fee, but that fee can be given or raised through pledges per mile, etc. It's a 5K run, but there is also a half-mile track at the park and people can walk if they prefer. We'll serve lunch after the run/walk is completed, and water will be provided. (If you can't make it to the event on June 16, or if you're not from KC, you can still participate. Just run or walk (with pledges) and send the money to "For Shirts and Giggles," c/o Farmers Insurance, 9229 Ward Parkway, Suite 380, Kansas City, MO  64114.)

The proceeds from the run will be given to the KU Med Center BMT unit, where Tammy has received such wonderful care three years ago and again this spring. The funds will be used to purchase T-shirts like the one Tammy is wearing in the picture we posted yesterday. It represents the fighting spirit one must have to overcome this dreadful disease. Tammy has that spirit, and the shirt has been an encouragement to other patients and even the nurses on the unit. We have a flyer and registration form for the run, but they're in a form I can't attach here. Let me know if you want copies and I'll send them. If we get them saved in a different format we'll post them here later. Feel free to put them wherever you want, around your neighborhood and/or around your office. We'd love to have more people than we can handle comfortably.

This whole idea stemmed from our son's desire to run a race in Tammy's honor while he's home from Poland for a wedding (May 29-June 19). When he couldn't find one that fit his schedule and seemed appropriate, we decided to hold our own. We thought about what to do with proceeds if we got any, The idea of giving the money to the BMT unit to purchase these T-shirts just came to us. Eventually, we'd like to do this for every BMT unit in the country, but with just over three weeks to plan it, we're focusing on this year for now.

Thanks again for any help you can give us on this. Maybe we'll see you out there. (Email me if you have any questions.)

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