Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Nothing New

We set a record in Kansas City today as the temperature hit 92 officially. We're thankful for A/C and that Tammy is able to eat ice cream on such a warm day.

There's nothing new to report. We probably won't post every night as things begin to level off. She continues to improve, but it's slow and there's only so many ways of reporting that. We'll post anytime there's something new, or when something comes to mind. Her next appointment is this Friday for labs only, and then she sees the doctor again next Tuesday. We'll definitely post after that as we expect to know much more about future treatments.

Even though there won't be a lot to update, we do want you to keep praying. Once again we believe that she is doing so well again because of the numerous prayers. By the way, we used to joke about the fact that prayers were being lifted up from five continents, and sometimes gave grief to Australia and Antarctica. Well, now we can only chastise the penguins, because Australia has joined the fold.

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