Thursday, April 19, 2012

Big News!

The doctor came in this morning and told Tammy that her counts went up a little bit more. We were pleased to hear that, though it didn't prepare us for what he said next. "They're not yet where we want them, but I think they will be tomorrow. So plan to go home tomorrow."

I'm home now trying to get the house ready. I thought we'd have two days, but fortunately we have family and friends who can help us out. So if everything goes well, Tammy will get to come home Friday.

It's not guaranteed, and we've learned not to be disappointed when encouraging news doesn't exactly turn out. But at least we know it's coming. If I'm still awake after a bunch of housecleaning (this place looks like a bachelor has lived here for four weeks!), we'll post again this evening.

Thanks for your prayers. Keep them up!

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Chuck said...

Praying for you, Tammy and the family...
In His Grip.