Friday, April 3, 2009

Too Many Terms to Understand

Psalm 139:6
"Such knowledge is too wonderful for me, too lofty for me to attain."

Tammy is resting now. She just finished the bronchoscopy, a "technique of visualizing the inside of the airwaves for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. An instrument (bronchoscope) is inserted into the airways, usually through the nose or mouth, or occasionally through a tracheostomy. This allows the practitioner to examine the patient's airways for abnormalities such as foreign bodies, bleeding, tumors or inflammation." (Thanks Wikipedia.) They cultured the stuff inside her lungs. She came through it fine. It might take a couple of days to get the results, but they're pretty sure it's pneumonia. They're treating her with heavy antibiotics.

We've learned far more "medicine" than we ever planned to learn. As a life-long diabetic with other physical problems, I thought I had a good working knowledge of the human body. I've learned a lot more in the past five months, especially the past two weeks at KU Med Center.

We've been very impressed with everyone here. (They are taking good care of us, even though we're Wildcats.) The doctors are prepared for every situation. While the pneumonia was not expected, it did not catch them off-guard. They have handled the whole process very well, with confidence and yet with grace.

The nurses are competing to see who can be the sweetest and most caring. I have a newfound appreciation for the medical field. They are very thorough and detailed, without forgetting the subject of their care is a human being who is hurting and whose family is hurting with her. They encourage us both to ask questions. They have chosen an honorable profession, and we thank them for their care. Thanks for praying for them. We have been and will continue to as well.

Thanks again for all your prayers.


Fredi said...

David and Family,
We are keeping you guys in our prayers day and night. Thank you for taking the time to keep the blog updated during this time. Make sure you get rest too. Your lovely bride is going to need her strong husband over the next few months.
Much love and prayers to you guys.
The Reed's

Laura said...

We are praying for Tammy and the rest of the family, especially Julie. I know what it's like to be far away when your mom is sick. When we found out my mom had breast cancer, all I wanted to do was be in the same town to help take care of her as she had taken care of me all throughout my life. It was very hard emotionally. The best way I handled it was to pray, because that's really all I could do. Please tell Julie I'm thinking of her. We will continue to pray for Tammy's condition to improve.

Laura Forshee

EGray said...

It was a pleasure meeting both you and your wife yesterday. She was such a joy to take care of, and did a wonderful job with her procedures. I can tell that Tammy is very well loved :) Best of luck, and you’ll both be in our prayers.

KU Unit 63 nurse