Friday, April 10, 2009

A Ray of Sunshine from Across the Pond

1 Samuel 20:4
"Jonathan said to David, 'Whatever you want me to do, I'll do for you.'"

There are very few examples of friendship any better than Jonathan and David in the Old Testament. Circumstances pulled them apart, but their love for each other drew them even closer.

Most of you who know us know that Tammy and I spent a week in Poland each of the last two summers working at an arts camp in Zakosciele. We made so many wonderful friends at FishArt, but the circumstances of Tammy's illness will not allow us to be with those friends this summer. It's one of the hardest parts of this battle.

Among all the friends we made in Poland, few touched our hearts like Sylwia. Sylwia is 16 (she might be 17 by now) and she comes every year to several of the camps. We have been able to keep in touch with many of the kids, especially those who were part of our blog team, like Sylwia. We keep in touch through email, Facebook and even Skype.

This afternoon, we got the chance to talk with and see Sylwia through Skype and web cameras. Sylwia got to see us bald. We laughed at each other and we mostly enjoyed her sweet smile and giggle.

As we go through this long journey, our spirits have been lifted so many times by family and friends. Sometimes it's a card, sometimes a phone call. Occassionally it's a video chat through the computer.

Tammy is still pretty tired, but that's normal. Her blood counts are still at or near zero. They'll start to climb in a few days and she'll start to feel better. Other than the fatigue, she feels pretty good. We are thankful for every good day.

As we draw close to Easter, we are thankful for so many things: a successful transplant, the many displays of love from so many people, and most of all the salvation we receive through the sacrifice of Jesus. We hope you feel blessed too.


Ashley and David said...

Just though id leave u with a good saying that is on my moms dinning room wall "Faith is not believing that GOD can- It is knowing that he will"

Anonymous said...

Good evening, David & Tammy!

I wanted to pop in and let you know I was thinking of you both & your family and keeping you in my prayers.

Tammy, David is right - you're even more beautiful!

I'll keep praying God's will be done in your life; non-germy-computer hugs being sent your way!

Claire Reed