Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Life-Long Love Story

1 Chronicles 16:34
"Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever."

We're now counting up, which is a great feeling. Transplant day was Day 0 and now we're into positive numbers. We're far from over the hurdles, but every time the number goes up we're that much closer to recovery.

If you ask her, she'll tell you she's fine. She's not a complainer. She's weak, but she feels pretty good considering all she's been through. Please continue to pray for her, that she can get the energy to get up and around quickly and often. It's important that she not stay in bed, because that increases the risk of pneumonia.

Some of you don't know Tammy. You've been led to this blog by a friend who does. Others have known Tammy for only a short period of time. A few of you have known her for 20 years or more. You've all been short-changed. I have been blessed to know Tammy for 43 years this summer. Her family moved into the area and started attending the church my family attended. We had just finished first grade.

I fell in love with her right away, though I couldn't admit it because my best friend and I had a pact that we could not like girls. But somehow I knew that she was different. At junior choir practice, I would grab her purse and throw it into the boy's bathroom, knowing she wouldn't go in and get it. It was an unsophisticated way of courting, but at least I had her attention.

When my family moved to New York after Tammy's and my fourth grade year, my mother said to my father, "It's too bad we can't put Tammy Young in a box and save her for one of our boys." God heard her and "put Tammy in a box" for me. We started dating in the fall of 1979 (the first picture above was from the next spring). In August 1981 we got married, and my life has been better ever since (the second picture was from last summer).

Like all married couples, we have had our disagreements. But they've been minor. We are best friends. As much of a sportsfan as I am, I would rather spend the day with Tammy than go to a game. Our relationship is based on a relationship with the Lord. We love our children and our extended family. And we are hopelessly in love.

Tammy is known by her close friends as "Sweet Tammy." From first-hand experience, I can tell you that the name is absolutely true. She is more beautiful on the inside than she is on the outside, and she is quite striking physically. (She doesn't look any different than she did 29 years ago.)

Why am I writing this today? This is a new start for Tammy's blood. She gradually will transition to a new blood type. Her DNA will be the same as her donor's. But she's still Sweet Tammy. She is still the woman I adore and admire. She is still my hero. She's still the same Tammy that many of you have grown to love. Most of all, she's still the same child of God she was before. He created her. He knew she would live almost 50 years before needing a bone-marrow transplant. He knows what's in store for her from here on.

He also knows what today will bring for you. He has your life in His Hands. Our prayer for each one of you is that you can rest in Him through any trials you might encounter. We certainly are.


Lyricality said...


Dave VanderKlay said...

Beautiful post David about your beautiful wife and friend. Know we are praying for complete recovery.
Love Dave and Jeanne

Anonymous said...

That was a beautiful post. Tammy is completely amazing and her strength and courage through this all is breathtaking (plus a huge inspiration to me).

I only pray that Kevin and I will have what you and Tammy have years down the road and be able to look back the same way. Love you both! Praying for you both every day.

PS... the purse thing, that is so funny. I always wondered why boys did stuff like that =)

Anonymous said...

Thank you David, for the post. It lifted my spirits and also gave me goosebumps! What an example of a Godly marriage you and Tammy are. Thank you for that!

caryn said...

wow...can you feel the love tonite???

you remain in our thoughts and prayers....knowing Almighty God is carrying you to the throne!!

love you guys,,


Rene' said...

This post was so touching! You both are amazing people and I just know our Father has amazing plans for you both. Your story has not only touched the lives of our little church but has spread it's wings amoung many.

Keep strong...nothing is too big for our GOD.
The VonMoss Family