Monday, June 11, 2012

Nothing Without Christ

Romans 8:14
"For those who are led by the Spirit of God are the children of God."

It was a big day in the Smale Agency office today. We moved into our new location June 1, and today I got my first delivery. To make it even better, it was my new business cards with my new office information on them. I felt like Steve Martin in the comedy "The Jerk" when the new phone books came out. "I'm somebody!"

I was actually headed out the door when the UPS guy showed up, so I rushed back in to open the box and get a glimpse. What a letdown. The first card I pulled out was completely blank, other than the company logo. Quickly, I pulled out a few more and they were all correct. The address, phone number and everything else was just what we had ordered.

But for a split second I panicked. I couldn't use those cards. They didn't tell any of the necessary information. It's as if I no longer had an identity.

It's easy to take our identity from what we do. I once heard a kicker in the NFL tell a story about when he introduced himself to a "seasoned" Christian. The guy asked him, "Who are you?" He first responded with his name. The guy said, "No, who are you?" He then responded with his position and who he played for. Finally when the guy said, "No, what makes you you?" he said, "Oh, I am a child of God."

My identity isn't an insurance agent, a writer, or even Tammy's husband or caregiver. Of the three, I'm most proud of the fact that people associate me with that beautiful lady I love to write about. But my true identity comes from the fact that God loved me so much even before I was born that He sent His only Son to die on the cross, if only for my sins. He makes the same offer to everyone, but if I had been the only one in history to accept it, He still would have offered it.

I am nothing without the identity of a follower of Christ. While I'm on this earth, I fill many roles. The most important of those right now is to help Tammy recover, and it's my joy to fill it. But everything pales in comparison to belonging to Him.

Tammy continues to do well. She went to the clinic again today and had to get fluids once again. But she gets the day off tomorrow, the first time since she was released from the hospital. It's a baby step, but a step of progress nonetheless. We are praising God for every small sign of progress.

Please keep up your prayers. And remember who you are, in Jesus Christ.

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