Thursday, June 14, 2012

Continued Slow Progress

1 Timothy 4:15
"Be diligent in these matters; give yourself wholly to them, so that everyone may see your progress."

We haven't posted in a few days because there hasn't been a lot of news. Tammy has continued to progress, all the while realizing that it's a long, slow road.

We got some good news yesterday. David will be able to stay an extra week in Kansas City. It will allow him to do some fundraising and spend time with friends and family. Mostly, it will allow him to spend extra time with Tammy. Since Julie is coming home for a couple of weeks a week from tonight, they'll be here together for about five days.

David Lee summed it up well. "I can already see Mom's face sitting on the couch with her two kids on either side of her." I can too, and it gives me a warm feeling.

Tonight, on the local Fox affiliate, our friend Meryl Lin McKean did a quick feature on our fun run this Saturday. She showed the "fighting picture" we've posted here and mentioned Tammy and the fun run. If they post the clip on their web site, I'll post it here tomorrow.

We've been receiving a lot of help from family and friends with "Tammy-sitting." Her parents have been carrying a big share of the load, as has my Mom. David Lee and I have been doing a lot of "double duty" as we just love being with her. Already there have been three others from our church, and there's a long list of people who are on the list for the future. It's been a huge blessing for us. For Tammy, it's a comfort to know so many people care about her. For me, it gives me a chance to keep working without worrying about Tammy. I'm not sure we would have survived to this point without this support.

Of course, the biggest boost we get is from the continued prayers. Please keep them up.

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