Sunday, June 17, 2012

An Eventful Weekend

1 Samuel 18:14
"In everything (they) did (they) had great success, because the Lord was with (them)." (paraphrased)

When we first came up with the idea of sponsoring a fun run to raise money for the BMT Unit at KU Med Center, we had a goal of $2,600. We knew the chances of actually raising that much in such a short amount of time were very slim. You just don't throw something together that quickly. (We came up with the idea about three weeks ago.)

Well, we haven't hit the goal yet, but we're close. We collected just over $1,000 yesterday, to go with the $675 in cash we received from corporate sponsors. I also know that we have received other donations that I don't have recorded yet, so we're very close to $2,000 in donations. There's still time to donate, in case you're interested. Just send your checks to "For Shirts & Giggles" c/o Farmers Insurance, 9229 Ward Parkway, Suite 380, Kansas City, MO  64114.

David Lee was one of the participants, but he also took some photos before and after the run. I can't wait to see them. He's a really good photographer, so he wants to pick the best ones and make sure they're in focus with the proper lighting. I would have used my phone, selected the ones where I could tell who was in them. Anyway, he'll work on them tomorrow and we'll post them tomorrow evening. We'll also give you an official tally to that point.

In the meantime, we want to thank everyone who participated, sponsored or helped plan the event. We can't wait for next year, when we have time to prepare adequately. Who knows how much we'll raise next year.

Tammy continues to improve daily. It's a long run, much more than a 5K, but she's hitting all the mile markers ahead of the normal pace. Please keep praying for every step of the race.

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