Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Source of Joy

2 Corinthians 9:7
"...God loves a cheerful giver."

This verse often is used for sermons or illustrations for tithing, because, in context, that's what Paul is discussing.

But I want to talk about it in a different way. I'm at the hospital now and I continue to be amazed at how much Tammy can give, even when she's not doing well herself. I've been here for a little more than an hour tonight (my second visit of the day), and I've lost count of how many different nurses and aides have been in to check on her. I know for a fact that many of them come in to Tammy's room to get cheered up.

I've seen Tammy be almost asleep when someone comes in, but she'll perk up and ask how that person is doing. She'll remember things about nurses who took care of her three years ago. It's fun to watch those nurses tell the newer nurses about Tammy and how much joy she brings to everyone.

I used to have a boss who had a theory on dealing with people that he called "more a person, less a person." His theory was that every encounter you had with a person would either leave the other person feeling "more a person" or "less a person" because of the way you treated them. Thank the toll taker for taking your $2.50 and he'll feel better about himself. Smile at the cashier at the gas station and her day will go better.

Tammy has a giving spirit. Those of you who know her know that. She approaches every encounter with the "more a person" approach. She gets great joy about giving of herself in every situation. And as the lucky schmoe who's married to her, I get to be the recipient of her joy more than anybody.

She continues to do well. The chemo doesn't seem to be affecting her as much this time, and she still looks great. If you want to visit her, we still ask that you call or text her (913-908-4795) to make sure she's up to it. If she is, I guarantee you'll leave feeling "more a person."

It's her gift.

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