Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Quick Update

I stopped by the hospital between appointments today. Tammy is very tired today, but that is normal for this stage of the chemo. Other than the fatigue, she feels very good, which is better than the last time.

The doctors are still pleased with her progress and still are sticking to the plan they have had since last week. We're still waiting for some more test results to determine a firm plan, but so far nothing has caused them to change their minds.

I get to go shopping for her tonight. She actually asked for some things, which she never does. I can't wait.

Please keep praying. She is doing as well as she is because God is blessing her richly. We believe He is honoring the prayers of hundreds, if not thousands, of people on her behalf.

She's still open to visitors, though the restrictions are more critical with each passing day. Please call first, as we said, and do not be offended if she just isn't up to it. She knows you're there for her, and that helps.

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Suann Hendricks Rose said...

God Bless Tammy. I will keep her in my prayers. Love, Sue (Randy Hendricks Ex). Love you all.