Tuesday, January 27, 2009

He's Listening

Psalm 17:6
"I call on you, O God, for you will answer me; give ear to me and hear my prayer."

As we're preparing for the bone-marrow drive at our church on Saturday, we are praying for all the people who will come, that those who want to come will be able to. While we're praying that one of the people will be a match for Tammy, if that's not the case, maybe many of the people who are tested will be a match for others who are in desparate need of a match.

As we pray for the whole process of going to the doctor and all the tests and procedures, we know that when we go to the Lord in prayer, it's like being a little child wiggling our finger for a parent to be closer to us so we can talk right in their ear. We know that any time we pray, Jesus is listening very closely to us, as if His face was right next to ours.

We know He answers our prayers, many times before we have the courage or the initiative to ask. We have so many prayers connected with this bone-marrow drive. We have been blessed by all your support on this journey, and we pray that you will be blessed by the results of the bone-marrow drive. Maybe someone you know or love will have their match found at this drive.

"Television star"
We told you yesterday about an opportunity Tammy would have to be interviewed by the medical reporter for the local Fox affiliate. Meryl Lin McKean came to our home today and interviewed Tammy and Gerianne (Tammy's "wingman") about the bone-marrow drive. She asked Tammy a lot of questions about her background, including her missions trips. She asked questions that opened up opportunities to say things like "my strength is in Jesus" and "I've prayed to God to be used in a mighty way."

Gerianne was able to talk about why she chose to organize the bone-marrow drive. She talked about seeing something in Tammy that she wanted when they first met. And she was able to talk about Tammy's giving spirit. The general flow of the interview was that Tammy always has been a giving person and the drive is an opportunity to give back to her.

The story will air during the 9 p.m. newscast Wednesday night on Channel 4. At the same time, the story will be posted on their web site (www.fox4kc.com), with additional information that won't be on the air. If you're outside the KC area, you can see the report by going to the web site. It will be a bookmark on our computer.

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