Monday, December 1, 2008

Potential Donors?

Many people have asked us how to become a possible bone-marrow donor. While the likelihood of matching Tammy exactly is pretty small, there is a need for bone-marrow donors, especially by ethnic minorities. Potential donors may never be called on to donate, but they make themselves available when a match is needed.

If you are interested in possibly jumping into the potential donor "pool," go to and follow the instructions. Some insurance plans pay for the tests, others do not. They can cost up to $150 (sometimes half that), but generally for ethnic minorities there is no charge.

Check out the web site and check with your health insurance provider to see if it's something you can do. Someone out there will save Tammy's life, because they are willing to be a donor. We would consider it a great honor if any of you became potential donors on Tammy's behalf.

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